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Re: [school-discuss] Open Content and open source for developpingcountries

Paolo Pumilia wrote:

> .open content and open source could help developping countries to help them
> .create school content which could be easily printed on paper. and sent 
> .in the schools...
> .
>Iti is something i was pondering too, lately. 
>Open content could be useful also in the so-called rich countries, since 
>purchasing handbooks is expensive. 
Of course but I do not think that as as critical as for open countries, 
and open content is good in itself for anyone...
But, the problems which some organization try to solve by bringing books 
for children learning in develoing countries is
that the gap between rich countries and less rich countries is 
increasing. However, the same might also be said of
poor/rich differences in rich countries...

>A pool of qualified authors could give rise to a sort of board of 
>supervisors to produce and maintain an updated, printable manual of 
>any matter.
The question of open content for school is I think the need of an 
authority on what is acceptable or not,
either on the pedagogical level or on the ethical one.

>I would start by getting in touch with some people authoritative with 
>respect to the most common matters relevant in schools. 
>Maybe a publishing house could back the project (they would have the
>right to sell the fine printed version of the manuals, with add ons)
I am not at all sure that the plus-value fine grained is enough for 
publishing houses to want to participate.
But, I have never been good at understanding market principles.

>Paolo Pumilia