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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: National Student Competition]


dave prentice, this is a call to arms.
let's get those rockets out of mothballs,
and do something about this.

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 06:49 am, Doug Loss wrote:
> This was sent to me as the list owner.  Although it only applies to US
> schools, I thought it would be of sufficient interest to forward to the
> entire list:
> "J.P. Stevens" wrote:
> > Do the students and teachers at your local or former school know about
> > the Team America Rocketry Challenge, the first national model rocket
> > competition for U.S. high school and junior high school students?
> >
> > Five winning student teams will share a total prize pool of $59,000. In
> > addition, three of the top ten teams are eligible to win $2500 grants,
> > including travel expenses, to launch an advanced rocket with NASA, and
> > attend Space Camp. Each of the top 25 teams' schools will be invited to
> > send one teacher on an all expenses paid trip to attend an advanced NASA
> > rocketry workshop, meet with NASA scientists and engineers, and tour the
> > Marshall Space Flight Center.
> >
> > This event is sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association and the
> > National Association of Rocketry. Our partners include NASA, the US
> > Airforce and numerous educational organizations.
> >
> > We challenge you to design, build, and fly a model rocket carrying two
> > raw eggs as close as possible to 1500 feet.  The top 100 teams will
> > compete in a fly-off in Northern Virginia in May 2003.
> >
> > The deadline to enter the contest is November 15, 2002.
> >
> > For more information and an application, visit www.RocketContest.org or
> > www.aia-aerospace.org.