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[school-discuss] gathering news from schoolforge members. was: Welcome to Schoolforge: Net Effect

Thank you, Melody. 

Your press release brings up an issue: I have a question for the group. We want
to make sure that we have the latest news from each member, so we want to make
opensourceschools.org into news.schoolforge.net (Roger already made this work.)

What is the best way to ensure that we get everyone's news? Suggestions?

My ideas, in decreasing order of desirability are:

1. Each member posts his or her organization's news
2. Each member posts his or her org's news to this list and _someone_ gleans and
posts it.
3. We have a news@schoolforge.net address in which to collect news and from
which various editors post to the site.

#1 is obviously most democratic and efficient.

What do folks think?


Quoting "Melody Q. Tungol" <melo@net-effect.com.ph>:

> Hi David and the rest of SchoolForge!
> Thank you very much for the warm message. We're currently updating the site
> and have linked SchoolForge's URL to ours. The logo will appear shortly. 
> Press release will be out by the end of this week. 
> We're looking forward to actively participate and contribute to the group's
> projects and endeavours. 
> Again, many thanks. 
> Cheers, 
> Melo and the rest of NET EFFECT 

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