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[school-discuss] Fw: [drgeo] Here it is, Dr. Geo release 0.9.14

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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 21:39:00 +0200
From: Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire@ext.cri74.org>
To: drgeo@ofset.org
Subject: [drgeo] Here it is, Dr. Geo release 0.9.14

As always at http://www.ofset.org/drgeo

Changes in 0.9.14, 31/08/2004

* Macro-constructions can now handle free point on the plane, free
point on cruve and free value as intermediate elements of a
macro-construction. The coordinates and the values of these objects
are the same to the ones used during the building process of the

This possibility to now use non-dependant intermediate object opens
intersting perspective in the use of macro-construction. For example the
creation of regular polygon. (heu! This is just a stupid example but I am
sure, dear reader, you will do much more fancy things). See the examples
file polygon-7.fgeo and polygon-7.mgeo and the updated documentation.

* Locus are now allowed to be used with macro.

* Update the locus icon.

* Add a Windows menu in the top menu bar. This menu list the open

* Add a dialog less mode to play macro-construction: the macro-construction
can now be executed directly from the top bar Macro-construction menu. The
names of the macro are listed in this menu, as well the macro-construction
descriptions as menu items tooltips. Very helpfull and user friendly

* Updated translations. In particular, a complet Classic Chinese translation
from Taiwan (Prof. Hung Chao-Kuei)