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Re: [school-discuss] Postnuke (was Moodle)

If there are any PostNuke (CMS) users out there, we have added a number of educational modules to our installation plus a number of good core PostNuke modules.

While we are still running ver. 0.726, there should be little or no problem going up to .75 or .76 with just a few mods along the way.

The php needs to be cleaned up and a lot of content moved to lang (language) files - as I added/modded originally just for our own use but I've added enough school-based modules, it is probably time to turn it loose. Also, a number of admin functions for modded modules needs to be stronger as some of it (such as mod inits) is done by hand.

We've done adaptations of modules and some new ones:

Classrooms Online: the module that handles the teachers' web pages within the web site. Allows them to enable/disable various modules on their page. Assembles information from various modules for their home page.

Class Contact: Simple mail form so students can email teachers

Weekly Assignments: Simple Weekly "Calendar" for listing homework, class activities, etc for the week
Day Plan: Lays out the daily schedule (eg 8am Reading, 9:15 Math) in a table and ends the vexing three hrs teachers spend at the beginning of the year trying to do it in Word
Month Plan: a very simple calendar showing key events for the class - only displays weekdays (We use PostCalendar for school wide events. It's overkill for classroom needs, though, imho)

These three modules stand alone and are also incorporated into the teacher's home page so if you visit the page at noon on Wed, you can see what activity they usually do on Wednesday's at noon - and whatever the teacher may have planned special for the day. The home page also lists recent teacher articles.

We've modded Stories to hard code 4 topics and make it easy for the teacher to publish in those topics: Homework, Events, Parents, Curriculum

We've modded Sections so teachers have a separate way to create Section articles for their page, ie "About Me", etc. As a separate module, we can associate the Section with a teacher id (and therefore correct homepage)

We've modded ew_filemanager to not only give teachers space on the web server to store documents but modded two additional directories. The first is BeeBoard (our mascot is the bee), which allows teachers to drop documents in a specific directory and then have the web site list the contents for visitors - handy for uploading homework rubrics, etc. The second is DropBox, which allows students and parents to upload files to another directory so homework can be sent from home (we're still using floppies). The file name is concatenated with the sender's name and time stamp to avoid overwriting similar files (too many "homework.doc"s).

We've created a module where teachers can store, edit and send to a list of emails ie. parent emails.

Modded Web Links so teachers can assign certain links to their class. We keep all web links in a "library". This way, good links aren't lost each year when teachers redo their pages and good links are shared across the school.

Journal update and mod to link with a teacher.

Gallery modded so teachers can easily create their albums within gallery, upload pictures and identifies and links teacher albums with their home page.

Conferences - a simple conference scheduler allowing parents to sign up for time slots for parent/teacher conferences.

I've probably left out a few more mods/hacks/new modules but hope this helps.

Regards, William Fragakis Morris Brandon Elementary, Atlanta, GA USA www.morrisbrandon.com