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Re: [school-discuss] Remotely controlling Keyboards and mouse

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:


I have a UseCase as follows:

The classroom has a server for the Teachers and Workstations (fully
functional PCs) for the students. The teachers are required to
control/activate/deactivate the keyboards and the mouse of the
Workstations as and when required during demonstrations and the like.

I looked at http://okvm.sourceforge.net/ but would like to know if there
are other means of doing this.


"xremote is a simple tool that lets you grab the mouse and keyboard of another machine and control them with your local mouse and keyboard. It creates a form of remote control of other machines.

"You do need to be able to see the remote screen in order to know what you are doing. While the remote machine is being controlled all local mouse-clicks or keyboard presses are discarded, i.e. not seen by the local applications. So every mouseaction or keyboard klick ends up on the remote display."

xremote hasn't been modified for quite a while; I don't know what it's status is.


" XMX is a standalone utility for sharing an X Window System <http://www.camb.opengroup.org/tech/desktop/x/> session on multiple X displays. It allows users to see and interact with the same applications at the same time from different locations. XMX takes advantage of the networked nature of the X Window System by acting as an intermediary between X clients and X servers. In this way, XMX works with any X clients and any X servers, without the need to modify either.

" XMX provides a WYSIWIS (What You See Is What I See) environment; it paints the same graphics on all participating displays. The shared client applications appear to each participant in a /virtual root window/ which is subject to local window management. In this way, the shared X session coexists with each user's private X session."

This isn't quite what was asked for, but perhaps it would be useful.