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Re: [school-discuss] Remotely controlling Keyboards and mouse

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:

I have a UseCase as follows:

The classroom has a server for the Teachers and Workstations (fully
functional PCs) for the students. The teachers are required to
control/activate/deactivate the keyboards and the mouse of the
Workstations as and when required during demonstrations and the like.

I looked at http://okvm.sourceforge.net/ but would like to know if there
are other means of doing this.


I think any of the VNC variants (www.tightvnc.org is my personal favorite) can be configured to do this. If the workstations are running Windows, you can configure the server such that when a remote user connects (the teacher in this case), the local keyboard and mouse are disabled. Teacher and student can both see what is on the screen.

If the workstations are running Linux, you can use the remote
desktop stuff to essentially do the same thing.  You'll have to
look up how to configure this to disable the local keyboard and
mouse; I haven't tried doing that.


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