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[school-discuss] Live CD: DIY vs. Distribution

In an effort to turn something productive out of recent discussion relating
to this topic, I commend to anyone who is interested using a Do-It-Yourself
approach rather than contemplating making a separate distribution.  That is,
rather than relying on some third party to make a distribution that may or
may not serve your needs, tools exist today to allow anyone, with a minimum
of effort, to make a live CD, DVD or flash drive that is pure Debian or pure
Ubuntu.  This approach does not fork these well-known and well-supported
distributions, greatly reducing the risk of your venture and the time and
effort required to produce and support a usable live system that exactly
meets your needs.

With Debian-live (http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/) this is quite easy.
I use live-helper + live-initramfs with the Debian Jr. project, and provide
support for these packages on irc on #debian-live @ irc.oftc.net and on the
development mailing list.  So if you have questions about how your projects
might make use of these tools, I'd be happy to talk to you.

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