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Re: [school-discuss] Teaching programming on Linux

I beg to differ.
_javascript_, PHP etc. are very powerful scripting languages. They get the job done (in web environments), but for introduction to programming / CS you would want something that promotes structural thinking. Hence, I'd probably go with a strong-typed, object-oriented language. Java would be my choice, just because I know it well. I've heard good things about Python, but I have no first-hand knowledge. One of my favorite textbooks here is: http://mindview.net/Books/TIJ4

Another path to consider is using one of the many great educational programming languages, such as scratch, squeek, NetLogo, ToonTalk, etc. Some more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Educational_programming_languages and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educational_programming_language, although the list is far from complete.

Then there's the question of educational approach. Is programming a means or an end? Do you "teach" programming or do students learn by using it to solve problems? There's a long tradition of constructionist programming, starting from Papert's work. Scratch is in that vein, and so was the WebLabs project http://www.weblabs.org.uk/wlplone. Randell Monroe recently blogged about http://projecteuler.net/, which I think is a very neat reasource.

Finally, you can probably find all the text you need at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikibooks:Computing_department

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2008/9/1 Peter Ruwoldt <ruwoldtp@xxxxxxxxx>
I would consider _javascript_.
It permits students to learn the 3 constructs plus the use of variables and modularisation.  It is available to do at home and at school so seamless working between home and school and is highly relevant in all sorts of ways.

Do you have Moodle?

I have a _javascript_ course that you could use.  It could be improved by having some screen casts but the course structure is sound for learning the basics of programming

A nearly current version is at http://www.watiwara.org/mdl1/
It is called Website Programming 1.

I see this leading into PHP which again is very accessible.

You might also like to have a look at LiveLAMP as a way of easily having a webserver on the LAN for students to play with


2008/9/1 David M. Bucknell <dbucknell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Colleagues,

I have two questions from a reluctant-Linux computing teacher:

1. With what should he introduce computing (in a Linux lab)?
- He would like experienced-based suggestions for teaching lower and middle secondary introductions to programming.  Apparently, he used visual basic before.  He knows of Pascal.  Perhaps that's the best direction then?

2. how can he teach C to secondary-level students on Linux?

He is looking for

a) an environment suggestion
b) suggestions for on-line and offline materials
c) good sites

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience in these areas.



P.S. Here are some preliminary resources I've found:

An Introduction to Programming Using C:

Introduction to Programming Using Java:

Introduction to Programming on Linux:

Introduction to Programming with Python and TKinter

MiniLesson: An Introduction to Linux in 10 Commands:

Bash Shell Programming in Linux:

Introduction to Programming in C/C++ with Vim:

An Introduction to the Linux Command Line:

Developing Web 2.0 Apps with the Google Web Toolkit:

CS510: An Introduction to Programming Using C:

C and C++

Introduction to Perl Programming:

An Introduction to Ruby:

Introduction to Programming:

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years:

A Byte of Python:

Irie Pascal Details:
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