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[school-discuss] Digital interactive whiteboard for $ 79,99!

Hi All,
Maybe you have heard about Johnny Chung Lee (Carnegy Mellon University) and his talk on TED:"Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote". It can be found on:
He shows the use of a Nintendo Wii remote controller as an
input device to create a digital interactive whiteboard.

His idea surely is brilliant, but it takes a bit more
then he shows to use his idea in a school with teachers
and pupils.

We have made a HOWTO, specially for schools in which we
try to describe, as detailed as possible, what is needed
to make digital interactive whiteboards for your school.
Ofcourse $ 80 is a teaser. It can even be made cheaper or
more expensive, depending on your inventivity.

We hope this HOWTO is of use for you. Please bear in mind
that it's work under construction. The HOWTO can be found on:
Kind regards,
Dirk Schouten (Public primary school Rosa Boekdrukker,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands http://rosaboekdrukker.net)

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