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[school-discuss] [fwd] grant writing help

Over on the mailing list for the San Francisco Linux User Group (SF-LUG)
[ http://linuxmafia.com/pipermail/sf-lug/2010q3/008109.html ],
Christian Einfeldt <einfeldt at gmail.com> wrote the following,
which I thought would be a good question to pose to the SchoolForge list.

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We have been providing support to public schools with Linux computers for 6
years now, and we would like to start to expand our efforts.  Up to now, we
have been using re-purposed machines, but there have been complaints about
the machines from some teachers and students.  A number of teachers have
said that they would use more Linux machines if they could have notebook
computers in the classroom.  Transitioning from the classroom to a lab is
disruptive.  It costs at least 10 minutes to get the kids up out of their
seats, and into the next room, and then some kids inevitably need something
from their classrooms such as a book or a piece of paper.  When classes are
only 40 minutes long, a loss of 10 minutes can be significant.

Also, some teachers have said that the old CRT monitors that we are using
take up too much space, and appear junky.  Appearance generates pride, and
the kids are more likely to take care of good equipment than old equipment.

Also, we are not doing justice to Linux by installing it on old hardware.
 People come to associate Linux with clunky old stuff.  They conclude that
Linux is not as "new" or not as "good" as Microsoft Windows or Apple.

We could greatly use help with grant writing.  If you have experience as a
grant writer, and would like to contribute to a great Linux project to place
Linux computers in schools, we could certainly use your help!

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