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[school-discuss] Art & Libre Software

I'm now a member of the Art Sync Gallery, run by the
Polk County Artists Association (PCAA) here in
southwest Missouri. Most of the artists in this gallery
work with traditional subjects and media; so far, I'm
the only one focusing heavily on digital stuff.
However, I have brought in an old desktop that I've
set up with Trisquel 6.0.1. In the short term, we'll
be concentrating on digital slide shows of art works.
We expect to tinker with other activities somewhere
down the road as circumstances permit. I also have a
laptop with the same distro on it that I bring to
the gallery each time that I'm working there.

I view this as a good opportunity to demonstrate libre
software to my fellow local artists, the gallery's
patrons, and the larger community. If any of you would
like to help with this, send me emails and I'll provide
more details as appropriate. The Art Sync Gallery has
a Facebook page, but no independent web site at this
time (that is on our long term project list).

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