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SEUL: Freshmeat Editorial on SEUL & the LSB

This weeks editorial on freshmeat.net, in the forum section on the LSB 
(Linux Standard Base) proposal, was written by yours truly. ;-)

To quote scoop@freshmeat.net:

    This weeks LSB editorial is written by Erik Walthinsen, SEUL Project
   system architect. He talks about the advantages that the LSB provides
   for the SEUL (Simple End User Linux) Project. He states several facts
      of a layered distribution leading into easier implementation of    
     application specific components. Feel free to use the LSB Forum if  
                  you'd like to comment on his editorial.

The editorial is at http://freshmeat.net/editorials?item=erik980620, and 
the LSB forum is at http://freshmeat.net/forum?mode=threads&forum=lsb.  The 
SEUL homepage is at http://www.seul.org/.

    SEUL Project System Architect

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