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Welcome to seul-dev-admin!

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Hello, everyone! To begin with, my name is Nick Mathewson.  I'm
currently an undergraduate at MIT, majoring in computer science.  I've
been using Linux since 1.0, and feel that the SEUL project has great
potential for broadening the Linux userbase.

Roger and Omega have asked me to be a leader/coordinator for the
seul-dev-admin effort.  This group's principle task is one which seems
IMO as exciting as it is challenging: to bring the task of Linux
administration within the technical reach of the Win-95 crowd. We will
try to do this by simplifying administrative tasks, low-level system
tweaking, package management, hardware configuration, and so forth.
As was noted in an earlier message by Luka, this group has two primary

1. We hope to provide a robust infrastructure to mediate between
   package managers, user environments, runtime systems, system
   variables, software configuration, hardware settings, and so forth.
   It has not yet been determined what form this infrastructure should
   take, though a solid, registry-like database with a clean API has
   been suggested.

2. We hope to provide manual and automatic administrative tools for
   the end-user, either by writing ourselves, assisting others in
   writing them, or by choosing a few simple, robust systems from
   among those already in existence.

For the next couple of weeks, our first priority should be to survey
the available options in these areas, discussing possible methods to
use, and significant issues we'll need to address.

So come join us on seul-dev-admin, and let's get down to business!
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\\ Nick Mathewson  // "Of *course* we'll send the penguin through the 
// <nickm@mit.edu> \\     flaming hoop tonight!"   - FZ