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Re: Opps sorry, here's a text file

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Greg Bell wrote:

>  Humm, didn't really think of that one, here it is again as a plain text
> file, sorry.
Just got an intriguing idea...  We would do well to write a layer of
abstraction over the different package managers.  Hmm, intriguing...
Could write it in C++, and have like:
class package;

And the package could be tgz, DPKG, RPM, etc.  And the class would
determine between them...  Good idea, IMHO.  Sort of an automatic
conversion to our system?  Somewhat?  Except it wouldn't have a native
format, it would use others...  Could call it Object Oriented Package
Installation and Uninstallation Manager(OOPIUM), or the Universal Package
Manager(UPM).  Most intriguing, indeed.  TTYL!

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