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Re: HyperCard clone for Linux

> I'm no Tcl programmer (although I plan to try to get up to speed ASAP);
> is there anyone on this list who would be interested in helping with or
> taking on this project?  If we can do this, we may eventually see _lots_
> of little *.tcl programs (scripts?) that we would never have thought of
> writing.

My only concern is that Tcl, as a scripting language, still has a much 
steeper learning curve than HyperTalk.  Visual Tcl may help out with that, 
by providing all the framework you need, so you can, as in HyperCard, write 
a 5 line script connected to a button that does X, Y, and Z, without having 
to worry about how the button got there or how deal with it otherwise...

I'll have to take a look at Visual Tcl, but if the author is open to 
semi-major modifications, perhaps a separate branch could be created with 
the goal of making HyperCard-like applications just as trivial to write in 
Tcl/Tk as they are in HyperCard.

That would be *very* cool.


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