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Haven't seen much traffic on this list for awhile, what's happening?

Just some things I've been thinking about.

Now that Netscape is free with source code (well at least at the end of
March), why not use it as our primary application?

I know Debian has a Netscape installer, we could do the same
sort of thing, but we could actually play with the source to fix problems!
This could of course cause more problems, with different Netscapes
floating around, but we could have a special "SEUL" version. This version
could be our main application, as many people can handle Netscapes
We could use it as a filemanager as well as a browser, by adding delete,
rename etc. We could run programs from it as well (as long as it didn't
become a security concern).

We could add say "modules" to it, maybe an editor (the Netscape editor
isn't too hard to use, we could always play with it :)

We might be able to add spreadsheet and simple database handlers in?

There are also all the other useful parts of Netscape, including
Newsreader and Mailreader - that many people know how to use already.

I'm not to sure of it's exact license, was it GPL?

Comments, suggestions, flames (not too many please :),


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