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Hi. I have updated the editor page. It is almost finished. There are still
a few things I am intending to do :
(a)	Post screenshots and info on the XView Clients editor (textedit)
(b)	Post stuff about Cool Edit.
(c)	It would be interesting to try building nedit against lesstif.
Anyone tried this ?

actually, I didn't think textedit and cooledit were that good, but they
are included for completeness. Textedit was actually pretty decent, but
the bindings were a little strange (to me, and to our target audience).
The only editors omitted will be those that were clearly unsuited.

Again, the page is :


At the moment, it looks like TkDesk's editor is potentially a good choice
of GUI editor , though it will need Tcl-Tk 4.2/7.6. Actually, , I don't
know of any apps that need Tcl/Tk 8.0 ( ie we could ship a slightly older
version if we had to. ) I don't think there are any new and brilliant
Tcl/Tk apps that need Tcl/Tk8.0 . 

But if this is a problem, another option would be to try to hack MEdit
slightly. Xenon looked OK, but it's impossible to do any configuration
without using your rc file. 

-- Donovan


Donovan Rebbechi, Lord of the Elves, 
Dept of Mathematics, Rutgers University Newark

Visit my webpage: http://pegasus.rutgers.edu/~elflord