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[Fwd: SEUL - Educational game idea]

I got this E-mail.  Looks like a stock market simulator would be VERY
easy to program.  I E-mailed the guy back suggesting that maybe a
Web/CGI approach would be better here.  Anyone interested???  Would be
quite trivial to program and would be kind of cool.

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I am not a programmer, but I am in the business (Internet security
product support at IBM).  I have an idea for a LINUX based educational
game that I would love to see but don't (yet) have the skill with
which to make it happen.  If you know someone looking to write
educational games but is looking for some good ideas, I hope they will
agree with me that this is worthwhile.

I am not a subscriber to your mailing list but if interest builds in
this idea, please let me know so I can subscribe and see how it

Name: Wall Street (tentative)

Premise: Students are given funny-money in their account by teacher at
beginning of school year or semester.  They are free to make as many
transactions as they feel necessary to make money on the stock market.
The companies used in the game are real, as are the stock prices as
they will be downloaded by the server every day.  Since the stock
market can be suited towards long term gains or short term risks both,
the game session should last for a semester at least and preferably

UI: Wall Street will run as a GUI under X or will support pure text
for telnet and visually impaired players.  A common library will do
all of the processing necessary and will be contained within the user
interface of choice.  This will allow schools to make use of non-LINUX
terminals for game play and also optionally allow players to telnet in
from home and play.  Gameplay should be intuitive either way.  The
telnet version should be pure unadulterated text to make it easy for
speech boards to read the screens to handicapped players.

Administration:  Administrator installs software and designates
teachers as team leaders.  Teachers will determine the initial cash
holdings of the players, as well as what types of transactions are
allowed (for example, you may want to limit transactions to simple
buying and selling with 12 year olds).

Misc. ideas:  PERL script runs daily compiling statistics for each
team, as well as for each server.  This will calculate rankings as
well as statistics like how much each player earned or lost each day,
a trend analysis, etc.  Reports will be in HTML format as well as
plain text.  Optionally reports may be emailed to players, teachers,

Now I don't know much about programming, and I don't know much about
the stock market.  But if I had a game like this when I was in school
I'd probably be more comfortable dabbling in the market today.

Please let me know what kind of reception you get (honestly)

 Chris Hedemark                          mailto:chris@yonderway.com
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