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stock market tracker

This looks like something you should be looking into, Micah. It
doesn't do everything we want, but it's certainly a good start for
the graphics side: (entry from Thursday's freshmeat)



 subject: gstalker 1.0b2
added by: stratos <sstratos@pathcom.com>
    time: 15:49

gstalker is a stock charting viewer and tracker similar to commercial
products such as metastok and superchartz. It is designed to be small, fast
and simple to use.

This release features lots of bug fixes and includes sample data.

o Download (http://www.pathcom.com/~sstratos/gstalker-1.0b2.tgz)
o Homepage (http://www.pathcom.com/~sstratos/)
o Appindex Record (http://appindex.freshmeat.net/view/901561642/)