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Hi all,

Sorry I haven't posted an introductory message for the Apps group
sooner.  I should have last Saturday when I was bored out of my mind,
then haven't had time since!  :-)

Welcome all, and please speak up if you know of a good application! 
We'll need to be "surfing the net" for Linux applications and hopefully
we'll have a decent sized pool to pick from.

Why don't we start by having everyone say what area they would like to
specialize in?  We'll need someone to cover it all - graphics (there are
several of those, fortunately!), financial apps, text editors/word
processors, spreadsheets, databases, and of course the essential GAMES
(probably split those up into strategy and action or something).

Don't forget - Java applets are also fair game here.  If we can find a
good easy to use Java app that works with the latest Linux JDK, why not
use it?

Hope to hear from everyone on this list!

P.S.  I'm in sort of an unfortunate situation right now.  The
motherboard of my Linux box is being repaired currently so all I have is
this 'Doze based ThinkPad.  I'm gonna put Linux on it as soon as I get
everything working on the big one.  :-)  But for now, and probably for
another week or two, I'm Linux-less.  :-(