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task-help update

Just in case anyone else is going to start toying with writing task
helps soon, here is a bit of an update.

1. I feel confident that the web stuff is going to be up and running
   soon so that everyone will be able to see progress and help
   with editting and with suggestions on content and appearance
   of the documents. This will also enable those writing the documents 
   to see what docs have been written/are being written so they
   might direct their efforts.

2. I have taken over the writing or have written for the following sections
   a. Gnome desktop management
   b. Gnome panel management
   c. Gnome file management
   d. KDE file management
   e. KDE panel management
   f. KWM window management
   g. FVWM2 window management

3. Categories still to be taken:
   a. Gnome and KDE categories for any sections not listed above
   b. Window managers not listed above
   c. Task help specific to ANY, repeat ANY application at all - we are
       not necesarily just focusing on Gnome apps.