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We are not making a SEUL distribution!

Contrary to what I have erroneously stated before, we are NOT
making a SEUL distribution. I refer you to the following:


One of the upshots of this is that task-help documents may be
written for ANY applications and systems and still fall within the
borders of SEUL.

I believe where GNOME is concerned, we will be wanting to fully
support all of the software coming out of GNOME since it will be
included in many (all?) distributions, plus SEUL created applications
will be developped with the graphical toolkit used by GNOME (GTK),
but task-help support for any other software is also important.

So...  If you have ANY application you think needs task-help,
go ahead and write it (and submit it!!)  The more applications
we support, the more serious we will appear and the more support
we will get.