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Re: Anybody see this ?

In message <3669D103.8DD6621F@usa.net>, forgeltd@usa.net writes:
>This shuld be on dev-install but since I haven't received a message 
>from there in months I will post it where I see activity.

Actually, most of the discussion is happening on seul-pub:

>Basically these goys have got a full GUI installation program that 
>loads X from the 1st go.  It also has KDE front ends to the PNP 
>tools and all that nice stuff.  It probably needs 2.1.xxx to work
>but that's not a big deal since they won't release the distribution 
>until early next year.

Looks interesting. I would be a lot more impressed if 80% of their
site wasn't a 404, or if those few pages which they have up actually
contained technical information rather than "we will cure world hunger,
scheduled release in early 99!"

But I suppose we shall see. Chances are very high that they won't
support older configurations/hardware, from what little I can gleam
from their "documentation" (I feel really bad calling it that).

As an attempt to post on-topic: Twoducks, I highly recommend looking
into other current taskhelp/doc projects and trying to integrate what
you have into them. Otherwise it's going to go unnoticed and unused,
for the most part. Check out the Hivemind discussion on www.freehive.org
and http://home.earthlink.net/~jwynia/freehive/faq.htm

(please direct followups re: maotech to seul-pub).