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Gnome's not so scary - task-help

Just learned some stuff about GNOME which may impact whether or
not you install GNOME or not, as well as impacting how we write the
task help docs...

GNOME is NOT a window manager!!

Gnome is a collection of apps you use with your favorite window manager.
It has applications which allow you to manage your desktop and whatever,
but the actual window management occurs via the window manager.

How does this impact us??

1. If your install of GNOME goes bad you are not screwed. Just don't run the
   GNOME apps.

2. We need to either decide on a Window Manager or write task-help for
    Many different window managers. The second option is possible, and several
    window managers have been covered already. If you are not ready to
    install GNOME you can still contribute task-helps by writing about the
    Window Management capabilities of your window manager.

Other ways I can't think of.

I'll write once I get the thing fully installed and test it out a bit.