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RE: Windoze->SEUL migrations


On 17-Feb-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
- -> I don't know about you, but most people I've seen with Windoze on their 
- -> machine have large volumes of data on the same partition, and no 
- -> mass-storage backup options.  Even if there were a tape drive available, 
- -> retrieving that information under Linux is non-trivial, as it involves 
- -> understanding and coding to the whichever peculiar format was used by 
- -> Norton or M$ or whoever did the backup.

It was a joke.  It's common sense that we need to work around Windows.

Although, let me point out a few facts.

1)  Most of that data will be unuseable under Linux.

2) Most people with any serious data on their machine have a tape backup for it
because sometimes they loose it all when re-installing Windoze after one of
it's nervous breakdowns.

3) It would actually be cleaner for them to wipe out their Windoze partition
and re-install Windoze after Linux is installed.

4) Linux should have control of the first partition to make things easier on
everybody with respect to Lilo.  And we know Windoze is going to be positioned
where Linux should be.  This means going thru Windoze to get to Linux every
time they boot.

5) It only takes 15 - 30 min's to install Windoze.

6) They would be using Windoze to retrieve the data from tape not Linux. 
Because of the reasons you mentioned and because it's Windoze data for the
Windoze partition.

So.  Even though we need to work around Windoze, it would be a good idea to
point out to them that it will go smoother if they repartition the hard drive,
install Linux and re-install Windoze if they want it.

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