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Re: Proposal

> Ian Murdock wrote about Debian in first issue of Linux Journal March
> 94.  I was eager to look at Debian after reading the article so in
> January 97 I tried that version who was 1.0 but later resulted it was
> not 1.0.

That Debian 1.0 was the first screwed up Infomagic CD. Essentially he
took a work-in-progress directory and distributed it without ever
testing if it would boot. That was pretty late in Debian's history, after
I'd taken over from Ian Murdock. We had already a few thousand users
with Debian 0.89, and it was available for sale long before 1.0. At that
time the Linux kernel was in the 0.8s too. Version numbers do not matter
all that much.

If you got 1.1 in January 1997, that was well after we released it.