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SEUL installer specification proposal

JOY JOY JOY this is a big day for dev-install!!!

There has been a lot of enthusiastic discussion in Seul about the best
way to proceed.  Many of you are impatient for action.  One of the things
about SEUL that has kept you or others from acting is a lack of

Thanks to the work of Jean-Francois Martinez, I am pleased to announce
that dev-install now has a proposed specification for the SEUL installer. 
Jean-Francois has been gracious enough to generate a install
specification proposal and educate me about it.  I feel that it is now
adequately refined and/or I am adequately prepared for its review by
anyone on the dev-install mailing list. 

Simon Waldman has been kind enough to provide, at least temporarily, web
space for the proposed SEUL install specification.  I ask you each to
please take this opportunity to review it.  It is a living piece of work
that will need many revisions as issues become resolved.  At this point
in time, hopefully it can serve the following three functions. 

1. Provide an overall framework so that tasks can be rationally divided.

2. Provide a common footing and focus to promote quality communication.

3. Provide a learning aid about the install process for the curious.

Please take a look at:


I invite you all to share your criticisms in dev-install.  Hopefully we
can come to a consensus on any required changes.  Please note that
criticisms do not necessarily mean pointing out the defects.  I want to
hear from all of you even if you are satisfied with the proposal as it
stands or if you just don't want to look at it.

Let the free for all begin!