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Re: Installer comments??


It's been suggested here before to just have a list of what the computer
will be used for.

( )   Network Server
( )   Networked Business Workstation
( )   Networked Home System
( )   Dial - up Home System
( )   Stand alone Workstation
( )   Custom
... etc.

The user clicks which one they want, and a default system is installed
that would most suit the use.
If the system will be installed from CDROM, it won't matter that users
might not need everything.
If the system won't be installed from CD, or the install detects to small
a drive space, then a list like Omega's should come up, to give the user
more control. If the user selects Custom, then Omega's list, with packages
to be selected comes up, with a default list of packages.

Also about the DOS part (defraging and fipsing), I think we should stick
with the proven (ie DOS) system, until we can really put a Linux fips
through it's paces, within the Linux community. We don't want to give
SEU's a possibly unstable product - especially when that possibly unstable
program can kill their system!

Just my 2 cents anyway,