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Fwd: Task-help & Wizards

Whoops. I didn't send this right yesterday. Another attempt now.
There has been one reply so far (see seul-dev-help).

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Subject: Task-help & Wizards
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 23:39:16 -0400
From: twoducks <twoducks@globalserve.net>

Hey there.

I have been thinking (I know, bad sign :)

It stands to reason that it is best if docs (eg. task help) are not
needed, that the tools are so intuitive that they don't need help.

In most cases this is not possible, however there are some few
cases where it is: which are those cases that the operations
in question may be performed by a "Wizard" which either gets the
information it needs from the system, or asks the user in such a
way that they need no further help.

For example: A user wants to install a new hardware card. They don't
know how, so they check help. They find a topic called "Installing Hardware"
and invoke it. This starts the Wizard. The Wizard then asks the user
a series of questions: 1. What type of hardware? (select from this list).
2. What is the brand? (Select from a list.)... Then performs the setup
required (including "now shut down and install the hardware..") No
extra help is needed because it is provided on a step by step basis.

The wizards can be either invoked from the help (as described above)
or accessed elsewhere, as applications normally are. Wizards can
be written to perform many operations:

1. Installing hardware
2. Installing software
3. Setting up system (initial install)
4. Configuring/reconfiguring XWindows/desktop.
5. Upgrades
6. Whatever else we want.