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Re: gfdisk and install

> Hi,
> I think it is possible to start a X-server and run an fdisk program. Not gfdisk, but a rewritten gfdisk with qt (or an early version ot qt, because the qt-1.4 has about 2 mb). I would do this.
> X-Server: We can use a vga-server with 16 colors and 640x480 resolution. This mode is a vga mode and every svga-card is vga-compatible.
> If this will not fit on one or two disks, we can start it from the cd-rom drive.

No.  Unless the VGA server has improved since last time I checked
NVIDIA cards don't work with it.  So you can't assume VGA will work.

Check the doc of XF86Setup for details.

The problem with any X solution is it is pretty heavy so you cannot
use it in small boxes.  Don't forget the user has no swap at beginning
of the install.

Also don't forget to unactivate every kind of hardware panning.  A
couple of years ago RedHat used X-based installs and at point I
believed it had crashed.  In fact there was a window waiting for my
input but it was in the hidden part of the virtual screen.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses