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RE: gfdisk and install

>Ok. X-Server will not work, but can we use the vgalib in vgamode
640x480x16 with a lib called svgagui? I think there are problems with
different mouse types, like bus mices ...!?

My original idea (I have alredy written some code, very few) was to
use libgwin. Libgwin is the libggi port of svgagui - which could be
used in Xlib or svgalib. So, the program is written in libgwin and we
use svgalib (which have very few drivers), and when it is more stable
we use it in libggi, so we would have lots of targets: kgicon, X,
svgalib, even AAlib. Everybody could run it then. If it works well
even it should be easy to write a gtk libgwin, and if somebody can run
X in his machine, then use it (but this is a very long time ToDo in my
list). If you want to help me, I would be really happy.

- yiyus

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