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RE: gfdisk and install

>> From: "yiyus" <jg_yiyus@jet.es>
>> Cc: <clanget@studcs.uni-sb.de>, <seul-dev-install@seul.org>
>> Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 15:28:12 +0200
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>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >Ok. X-Server will not work, but can we use the vgalib in vgamode
>> 640x480x16 with a lib called svgagui? I think there are problems
>> different mouse types, like bus mices ...!?
>> >
>> My original idea (I have alredy written some code, very few) was to
>> use libgwin. Libgwin is the libggi port of svgagui - which could be
>> used in Xlib or svgalib. So, the program is written in libgwin and
>> use svgalib (which have very few drivers), and when it is more
>> we use it in libggi, so we would have lots of targets: kgicon, X,
>> svgalib, even AAlib. Everybody could run it then. If it works well
>> even it should be easy to write a gtk libgwin, and if somebody can
>> X in his machine, then use it (but this is a very long time ToDo in
>> list). If you want to help me, I would be really happy.
>The problem is you are forgetting two things:
>1) The big problem is not installation but what happens after when
>   defenceless user is confronted to a Unix machine.  When designing
>   for Linux you must forget about your Unix lessons at University.
>   There are Linuxw users who never got a Unix lesson: they have to
>   cope with all Unix from minute one.

It depends on what you installs. If you have an easy way to install,
for example, GRUB, g/kdm, kde/gnome, X, etc. then you will only see
easy to use tools. You won't never use the bash if this tools are well
done. And if we use a graphic program we can use the time while the
installation is realiced to teach some basics (in the same way which
windows applications tell you to fill your registration card).

>2) You are getting excited in "How?" before thinking in "What?".  A
>   graphic installation will look prettier than a curses one but per
>   itself does not make the install easier, nor help the user with
>   post install problems.

The idea is to make the first steps (add an user, get X and kde/gnome
working, etc) should be done by the installation program.

>3) You discarded curses installs saying "no advantages" but I
>   disagree: you can pick existing ones and improve tem, and more
>   important they work with every hardware available and will
>   working.  The example of the VGA server in conjunction with NVIDIA
>   cards proves graphic installs are frail.

BTW: You have NVIDIA drivers for GGI, though I know there will always
be a card non supported. But if I make it for libggi I will have IMO
all the available targets. And if a person can't use any GUI in his
computer and he is going to use the bash he won't have problems with a
difficult installer.

I think you could be interested in the LiFE project, it is really
nice, but there is a problem. It isn't a real project, but I liked it
more in this way than being my personal home page. So it looks
something important, and if I can obtain help will be well recived. I
know than I won't crash Microsoft with a graphic installer, and Linux
will go on being difficult to use, but I think it can help.

- yiyus

> Jean Francois Martinez
>Project Independence: Linux for the Masses