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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

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> řann 16-Feb-98 skrifar George Bonser:
> > 
> > So a /dev/BIOS "device driver" is needed? 
> > 
>   That's not a bad idea, except it would also be a possible security flaw
> though?  I mean, the code incide the BIOS doesn't obey Unix rules, so I
> wouldn't be surprised if the kernel forbids it?  You know if anyone has
> codes such access to BIOS information?

Read /proc/kcore.  About executing Dos calls see the VM86 mode in the
386 family.  And about hacking the kernel just go to Linux-kernel and
see Linus reaction.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

"For drinking muddy water if that is the water of truth,
            for that the camel is needed"