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RE: XDM loop: Alternate fix?


On 18-Feb-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
- -> Tusen takk!  ('thousand thanx' in Norsk)
- -> 
- -> I was thinking about it some, though, and there may be a problem with the 
- -> 5sec thing.  A slower machine might never make it into XDM with no clue 
- -> why simply because it can't load the server in <5sec.

I had thought of this.  I started at 15 sec's.  It appears that XDM is killed
by the server failure almost before it starts.  The Xstetup file is executed
immediately.  The only reason it doesn't execute is because the X server dies
before it can even get that far.  I only run a Pentium 100 and I have
confidence that I could reduce that to 1 sec and it would work.  Although I
wouldn't want to go below 5 wich is a really long time, my display flashes just
under 5 times before it stops.

As far as the Xservers file.  I don't think we can do it because it appears,
from the format, that it isn't simply calling that command it's using it as
input to XDM itself to call the X server.  Otherwise XDM could never know when
the X server stops.  My opinion,  I'd have to play with it to make sure.

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