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Re: XDM loop: Alternate fix?


On 18-Feb-98 Erik Walthinsen wrote:
- -> But.... if the X server fails further into the process, say sometime after 
- -> the 5sec delay, then you're back to the loop.  If what you're saying is 
- -> correct, that tells me that not all the checks are run (in the X server 
- -> itself) before Xsetup is called.  Besides, Xsetup is called from XDM, not 
- -> the X server.

XDM does call Xsetup.  XDM *also* cathes SIGHUP and SIGTERM from the Xserver. 
That is what makes it restart.  So XDM calls Xserver then turns to Xsetup, which
must wait on the Xserver since it effects the display, and immediately recieves
a signal from Xserver and restarts without running Xsetup.

- -> Xservers is the only place the path to the actual server is listed.  The 
- -> XDM man page is less than useful, though.  I'll have to try it out tomorrow.

Right, but in the man page it recomends using the entire path so XDM has a
large enough buffer to manipulate the command line.  It adds -display to all of
it's processes for ID purposes and uses that buffer to make the changes.

But there are many possibilities.  This fix was off the cuff, took me about 10
min's to do just to quel the use of the loop as an argument to not use XDM.  I
intend on adding more functionality to that script to catch hard resets and
other such unclean stopping of the GUI to put the user into a failsafe of sorts.

The more constructive input we get, the more polished and fool-proof the thing
will be.

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