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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

> The Xconfigurator in RH5 has very few in common with the one in older
> versions.  

OK. The new one does the following  : 
*	Probes for video card (and usually gets it right)
*	Probes for mouse (and configures PS/2 mice correctly, which the
old one didn't)

But it still has the following problems:

* 	Firstly, it doesn't configure serial mice, ie doesn't make the
link from /dev/mouse
*	In fact it doesn't even restart gpm. The result is that the newbie
is stuck wondering what they're doing wrong, especially if they set the
link, and their serial mouse still doesn't work.
*	The Configurator doesn't set the link from X to the server.
*	Setting up the monitor is still a problem. Sometimes it works the 
first time and sometimes it is a real headache. Even when it does work,
frequently (usually), the performance (resolution/color/refresh rate) are
*	Still, the configurator on RedHat 5 gave me top colour depth
straight away, RH 4.1 didn't.  (though the refresh rate wasn't good), and
set up my
NEC VERSA without any probs.

>ANd it si certainly easier than the XFree tools.

Which illustrates the need for better configuration tools for X. 

-- Donovan