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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

We've been over this before.  Someone was going to write a FAQ on this 
subject, who was it and where is it?

> From what I know of the License it's free enough for SEUL.  The
> restrictions only come in when you develop commercial software.
That's exactly where it breaks.  SEUL is not going to be a end-all product. 
SEUL, and Linux in general, *CANNOT* survive without commercial software.  
If we impose Qt as the standard, we force every company out there to spend 
money on the Qt license.  Yes, this is peanuts compared to what they spend 
on M$ development.  But how would you like to talk to some company about 
porting to Linux, which at this point is <1% of the market, and have to 
tell them that they have to spend $5000 for the license.  I wouldn't.  We 
*cannot* get the commercial depth we need if we impose a non-free standard.

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