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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?

> > exceptions... the main stream want's hot new stuff.  This is what MS knows,
> > and this is what helps them keep ahead...
> > 
> >   If the user says "I want a graphics workstation", then that's what should
> > be setup for him, along with a graphics login screen.  If the user says "I
> > want a bare bones linux", then ok... bare bones it is, and shells.  Unless
> > the installation procedure can't figure the users system out correctly, in
> the problem is that the installation process often seems unaware that it
> hasn't figured out the system. For example, I have seen X fire up and the
> monitor squeal with a blank screen, and seen X fire up with screwed
> vertical timings. the system doesn't "know" that it's not set up properly.
> And unless some-one does something revolutionary with the monitor set up
> procedure, there will be problems.

The right thing to do is allowing the user to start X from the command
line but making it easy to switch to XDM once he knows X works.  We
must insure he knows how to set up XDM and how to return to command
line.  That means than we must not expect the user goinh to RTFM.  The
info must come to him.

Also have a couple of gettys started even in XDM mode.  In that mode
XDM will restart another server if you use CTRL-ALT-Backspace so you
can't use it for going out of X.  In contrast you can use CTRL-ALT-F1
to go char mode and kill xdm from it if you a getty started.

			Jean Francois Martinez

"For drinking muddy water if that is the water of truth,
            for that the camel is needed"