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Re: SEUL: SEUL duplicating efforts?


On 14-Feb-98 Orn E. Hansen wrote:
- ->   These are the people you're dealing with, and booting them into a shell
- -> and telling them to execute scripts to setup graphics... they're going to
- -> answer "Hey, is this a Sun 3? I can get those at the scrap yard?".  Give
- -> them
- -> a menu shell, and they'll say "Hey, this is just like my old MS-DOS 5.0
- -> system".  Sure there are people out there that think Windows 3.1 is great,
- -> and there are also people who think MS-DOS was great, just as there are
- -> still guys out there that use 7 bit communications.  But that's just a few
- -> exceptions... the main stream want's hot new stuff.  This is what MS
- -> knows,
- -> and this is what helps them keep ahead...
- -> 
- ->   If the user says "I want a graphics workstation", then that's what
- -> should
- -> be setup for him, along with a graphics login screen.  If the user says "I
- -> want a bare bones linux", then ok... bare bones it is, and shells.  Unless
- -> the installation procedure can't figure the users system out correctly, in
- -> which case it could either ask her/him to file a report to us... or,
- -> simply
- -> ask the user questions about the details to have them solved.
- -> 
- ->   At least, that's what I think :)

Well put, Orn.  A man after me own heart.  It's good that we are partners as
UI leaders, I think =)

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