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Re: SEUL: Text vs. X


If the SEUuser always wants X, then make dead certain that the loop of
deat is never encountered. Some xdm maintainer (preferably the original,
top of the stream maintainer) should patch that program. I consider this
a bug, regardless of who is using the system.

The scenario that Orn mentions here is the horror situtation that is my
reason for ALWAYS booting in to a text mode display THEN changing to X
when I _NEED_ to have a grapical display.  (Heck, I have my M$ windows
machines boot into DOS then run WIN. 

BTW - excuse my ignorance -- what is a 'menu shell' ?

--David     (teague@wcu.edu, dbt@elentari.cs.wcu.edu)

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On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Orn E. Hansen wrote:

> řann 14-Feb-98 skrifar Donovan Rebbechi:
> > 
> > Very true. But there comes a point where they need to know something (for
> > example, how to turn their machine on.) The point is that if they get
> > caught in the 'loop of Death', they should know how to hit C-M-F1 to get
> > out of the loop and into the shell. 
> > 
>   Pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 doesn't work to get out of the 'loop of death'.  When
> the X server restarts, it grabs the console... it's the way to solve the
> problem where the resolution is unreadable.  The only way to catch the loop
> of death, is to patch XDM... it could be made to start your menu shell when
> it discovers that X is stopping with an error (by peeking into the X servers
> log file, for instance... or discovering it's being respawned to often within
> some given period of time).  Here, your menu shell would come in very handy,
> to help the user solve the problem.  And, when the user exits from it, then
> XDM could continue the same process, or die.  Depending on wether the user
> found out the problem and solved it, or disconfigured XDM.
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