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Re: SEUL: Stopping dreams

On 17-Feb-98 Kevin Forge wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:
>> I would probably stick it in .bash_login which is only invoked on a login
>> shell. This prevents you from being troubled by the message when you spawn
>> an
>> xterm. Also, bash will execute what it finds in .bash_logout when you log
>> out
>> to shut the x server down.
> this idea keeps looking better. :) 

You have to be careful here, EVERY shell that exits will execute .bash_logout.
You have to write the pid of the shell that started the session to a file and
test the contents of that file (or the existance of the file of you make the
name a function of the PID) on exit so only the shell that started the the
session will kill it on exit. I know it is common sense but it is worth

George Bonser 
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