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Re: XDM... source level


On 02-Mar-98 Orn E. Hansen wrote:
- -> 
- -> řann 02-Mar-98 skrifar Erik Walthinsen:
- ->> 
- ->>> I just had a Look at KDM ( yes a KDEised version of XDM ),  It has a 
- ->>> "shutdown" button that pops up  a list of 4 options ( ShutDown, Shutdown
- ->>> and Restart, Exit KDM, and of course cancel ).
- ->> Oh, ok, this would involve using Qt.  Still, it's probably relatively 
- ->> trivial to remove that code and put in something else.
- ->> 
- ->   Actually, we could define a button on the Login screen that holds
- -> a popup menu in XDM, easily... and with those obtions as well.  I'll
- -> take a look.

Don't forget, as I posted a week or so ago, that a lot of this can be done in
XDM resources.  I have XDM setup so I can reread the resources, change
runlevel, shutdown, restart, and failsafe from the login screen.

If you script a test of a config file for "enable-xdm" as opposed to
"disable-xdm" then re read the resources XDM should stop.  This script change
could be bound to a function key.  Call a script that does the deed and HUP's
XDM to drop out of it and stop X all together.

Any dialog type language that runs in an Xterm and accepts mouse clicks can be
used to display an entire menu at the XDM login screen.  It has to use the
mouse though since XDM confines keyboard commands to the login widget.

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