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Re: [linux-biz] Re: REQ: approaches to stability


On Tue, 30 Mar 1999 20:05:56 -0800, Collette McNeill
<collette@mlwebworks.com> said:

>> The discussion about maintaining linux and the expertise required
>> has started me thinking about my own problem. Recently, one of the
>> drives on a linux box I run went wacko; errors started cropping up like
>> mad and I lost the bootable partition. To prevent this happening in the
>> future, I've been thinking about ways in which I could set up the
>> machine to 'dual-boot' such that if the bootable partition were hosed
>> that I could set up the machine so that I could boot off of another one
>> and do damage control.

No problem.  Use Ingo's current raid drivers: they perform kernel raid
autostart and will let you use raid-1 mirroring even for the root
partition.  Mirror everything important over two disks for redundancy,
and keep a spare boot floppy in case the primary boot disk fails.