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Re: XML Interface (fwd)

So, I responded to a debian-doc post about XML, and they want more data.
I'm going to hold off another few days on answering while I ponder the
question (and get time to answer it), but I figured I'd give you guys a
chance to discuss it from the end-user side as well. (Don't actually send
mail to debian-doc yet -- I don't want to drown them until I know which
direction we want to go.) So..take the question Adam proposes, and answer
it as if you were reading the docs and wanted to be able to finish your
seul-edu xml application afterwards (or somebody else's application, even
better :).

My original mail can be read at 


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> >>>>> "rd" == Roger Dingledine <arma@mit.edu> writes:
> rd> I would be very interested in hearing about a centralized "how to
> rd> do your project with XML" howto page along with some
> rd> application-oriented introductions, rather than the theory-based
> rd> discussion that most faqs and docs seem to focus on. I would be
> rd> willing to help out in guiding the shape of said docs/pages.
> Yes -- I had put together a proposed talk about practical use of SGML
> in a real environment.  I put together a prospectus at
> <URL:http://www.debian.org/~aph/proposed_bazaar_talk.txt>.
> I'd be interested in what sort of thing you would think would be most
> useful.  I.e., fill in the rest of this sentance: "After reading this
> document, the user should be able to ..."
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