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Promath works

[News from Promath works]


1) As a math teacher, with particular consideration to what I could call
"student's mental path",  I have been longing for a software that would 
- do some of the most wearisome in teacher's job - correcting;
because students need a lot of correcting, lot more than what you
normally give them. And usually they keep lots of erroneous knowledge
- follow student's mental path, a titanic task for one teacher in front
of a group;
because students are all different. In a topic like math, considered
difficult and abstract, each student would benefit on better
self-confidence if his/her mental path would be considered and followed 

2) As I never doubt, I felt able to produce that software myself, and
rather quickly. I got to develop C++, Windows, etc...
Soon I felt a strong need of overall conception, studied object-oriented
conception and read a lot about how software are developed for real, in
commercial companies. 
I got encouragements from many people, but never from any math teacher
or such... Apparently they do not understand at all what I am doing, and
I also got warnings concerning technical feasibility, and these often
stopped me for a while

3) Yet having been through all Promath system's components, having
studied all technologies in a rather detailed way, having tried to make
evidence of any serious weak point I never found, I feel reasonably sure
of its technical feasibility.  


Now I am publishing the specifications. I have been writing and
re-writing them for months. The very critical database conception is one
year old now and I have been reading and re-reading it regularly since
then, with but tiny changes 
As you can seet is only a few pages to read, but these pages result of a
long work, especially made difficult because of the wide range of
technologies involved.


- I hope many people will read my pages and help with comments
- As Mauricio Rivera says he will look after server side, I personally
will concentrate on client side for some time, and see what happens.

Volunteers ?

Odile Bénassy,
fonctionnaire, Orléans, France