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Re: Web Conferencing

There are a number of types of 'conferences' I have seen:
	BioMoo - A MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) turned into a Biology 
		 University, where you can have discussions, 
		 conferences and classrooms.
		(Live conferences, no archive/history of live 
	Discuss - http://www.chem.hope.edu/discus/
	   * Enables longer term discussions, not real time/live

There are also other methods that we have used for years with
various success, including on-line whiteboards.

What would be included will depend on:
	1. What you mean by 'conferenceing software'
	2. If you really mean 'Web' (ie. via netscape, etc.), or
	   if you mean Internet software. (ie. any software that
	   uses a client-server model for discussions.  Which
           there are many GUI Unix programs for this.)


> searched seul.org website but got nothing on this subject
> Has anyone put together any research on what's available for
> Web Conferencing software?

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