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Re: SEUL or SEUL-edu Logo

Point well taken.  The thought of some type of image was in my thoughts from
the start, but I could not find one to snag, and I'm not too computer
artistic.  I do think it may be helpful in reworking the page in the next
couple of weeks.

ANY input is welcome, the page is meant to make the LINUX community easier
for educators to accept and vice-versa.


EAMorical@aol.com wrote:

> Bill,
> I took a look at your web site and saw the following:
> "For info regarding education and Linux
> go to the seul-edu home page
> or go to Linux in the Classroom"
> My take is that it is clear what "Linux in the Classroom" is about but it
> sure isn't clear what "the seul-edu home page" is about. Perhaps it would
> help if it were reworded to something like "go to seul-edu for projects
> involving Linux in Education.
> Bob

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