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Re: Simplified UI (menu-systems)

Ian and Fredrik,

   I've followed your discussion of the simplified UI avidly.  Micah has
tabled his edulp program for the time being (correct me if I'm wrong,
Micah) due to the lack of a clear idea of what the best way to proceed
would be, or even if writing the edulp would be useful at all.  I had
thought about building similar functionality into the GNOME panel, but
was also unsure if it was a good idea.

   I'm thinking about asking the LUIGUI (Linux/UNIX Independent Group
for Usability Information) <http://www.luigui.org> people if they'd
consider setting up a project to design a simplified UI for school use. 
I don't know if human factors engineering (or whatever it's properly
called) has studied anyone other than adults when considering the design
of computer interfaces.  It's an interesting question.

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