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Re: Word processor - LyX

Hi Bob,

I am sure you are correct that there are 2 types (if not more), however, it
seems that good writing needs a clear direction and organization.  Good
articles in Time Magazine, Java Report, news papers, etc.  They all write
with a goal in mind and keep the topic focused.  They don't scatter ideas
all over the place.  I hope my students can at least present the material
in an organized and understandable manner.  

I don't know how people learn to make the written language interesting --
I'll let the English teachers worry about that.  Therefore, I don't really
care if students write an outline or not as long as I get a well organized
paper.  I just know that most high school students do not write well
organized papers.

I guess I am not as flexible or as understanding as I should be.  Even if
there are 2 types of people, I don't find the dissorganized scattered form
acceptable and I don't think most publishers would either.